Global messages get no answers. Private ones do

Get by 1200% more replies to group e-mails or @channel questions by automating personal conversations in #Slack.

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You are in good company with #Slack

That’s what you will get from Magnify

This is a response rate statistics for the same message sent via e-mail, Slack channel or Magnify message

One e-mail to @all domain


One slack message to #general channel


The same text sent via Magnify


How does it work

  • Write a message, question or poll
  • Select delivery group (for example, all)
  • Magnify will create personal message one-by-one to each member of your team
  • When people reply, you see all active conversations in #Slack and can reply

Automate one-to-one Slack conversations

Start hundreds private one-to-one Slack conversations with an effort of sending single channel message. Solve crowd paradox - automate one-to-one conversations with Magnify.

Do you use #channels for speaking up?

One-to-many is over. Engage your team in one-to-one dialogues. Private Slack conversations have 1200% higher response rate than #general messages. Get your team to finally answer your survey messages!





per user, per month
billed annualy, ask for large teams discounts!

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$0.24 billed monthly

  • 2 weeks trial
  • No card required
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One story

This is a story why the Magnify was created

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This is a story about how the Magnify was created

Magnify idea authour and developer, Alexandrs, joined our company, when we were 10 people and since that time team has grown to 150.

We have variety of tools to keep large team engaged and in sync - SpeakUp, Slack, Confluence, Facebook group, physical boards and large screens with latest news, but they lacked personalisation.

Eventually, he stumbled across Slack API and figured out that we can get back our personal approach and one-to-one conversations.

He made prototype that was tested by HRs and CEO and saw unbelievable results - messages got 2000% more response, when sent through Magnify. HR team shared this tool on HR tech conference in Copenhagen in September 2016 and we got 2 pilot projects that converted in happy customers!

We decided to make Magnify available to all teams and move it to Slack 3rd party app directory. Now our servers are busy!

Personalised messages do get answered and we are happy that a tool that solved our problem is helping hundreds of teams across the world.

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